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Secured a Major Contract for Large Consultancy

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Providing bid direction and leadership for a major consultancy contract.

Business Need

Our customer, a large design and engineering services consultancy, had been running a campaign to shape and capture an innovative multi-£m contract with one of their end-customers. The opportunity was moving to the tender stage and our client wished to improve their probability of successfully winning the contract, whilst keeping their senior staff focussed on maintaining the pace of delivery of already-contracted work for the same end-customer and avoiding any potential conflict of interest.

Our Role

Raptor was tasked with providing bid direction and leadership throughout the tender process. We worked as an embedded and fully empowered part of the customer’s team, with full responsibility for the bid.

We undertook an evaluation of the end-customer requirements, issues and constraints alongside knowledge of the customer’s capabilities and strengths and used best practice Shipley © techniques to identify and establish win themes. We led development of the value proposition and detailed solution proposal focussing on features and benefits with evidence of prior success. We built up a network of suppliers, developed the teaming agreement and led commercial and contract negotiations to secure their exclusivity.

We led the bid team to submit the tender and deliver an Interview Led Assessment Panel with the end-customer. Our customer was identified as preferred bidder and we then led final negotiations with the end-customer and the teaming partners and secured the win. We supported hand-over to delivery through the first phase of mobilisation of both the service management and delivery teams.


Our customer won the £40m+ contract against significant competition, mobilising within very short timescales and delivering from the outset.

Mike’s performance prior to and on the senior governance calls inspired confidence that we know what we are doing and how we are going to deliver success
Customer Senior Independent Reviewer

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