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So, Why Raptor?

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What’s in a company name?

Deciding on a company name is not as simple as it sounds. The name has to stand out, be unique and to mean something. It has to be right as it will be with the company for good.

Over the years we have been asked ‘so, why Raptor?’ by quite a number of people. Our answer starts with the fact that it took us a good deal of time and many ideas before finally settling on Raptor.

We wanted a name that could stand the test of time, but more importantly we wanted a name that embodied the reasons we started the company. Having worked for a number of large organisations before starting Raptor, we were determined to do things differently, to remove overhead and concentrate our efforts on what we do best: focussing on customers, taking on challenging roles, and always ensuring the outcome is successfully delivered.

This mindset became Raptor and the similarity with birds of prey struck the chord we were looking for. Vision to see a route through complexity, agility to think and adapt to change, and speed to deliver outcomes fast.

And so we became Raptor. It is a name that means a lot to us as it reminds us of the reasons we started out.

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